The SiLO FREEZER was envisioned as a unique, entertaining, and fun way to bring people together. The SiLO FREEZER’S signature 28°F (-2°C) allows for the true exquisite flavors of the vodkas to reveal themselves as the vodkas are consumed at their most enjoyable stage (the cold temperature enhances the smoothness of the vodka resulting in no alcohol burn!) The SiLO FREEZER is a unique concept that melds fun times and vodka for a truly “cool” bar experience!

Prior to entering the SiLO FREEZER, guests are provided with snow coats and hats, and then escorted into the freezer, for an intimate experience of up to 10 people. The SiLO Freezer Hostess will spend about 10-15 minutes with each party providing entertainment, information and tastes. Costs vary for the SiLO FREEZER experience, ranging from double shots (starting at just $10 each) to Prearranged Flights (starting at just $17 each).

Choosing only the best and most luxurious vodkas from around the world, the SiLO FREEZER is a transportation mechanism, taking you around the world without ever leaving DTLA! Among the top-tier selection is Kauffman Private Collection, Beluga Gold Line, and Stoli Himalayan Waters Elit. New additions to the SiLO FREEZER include Kleiner-Feigling’s Fig Vodka, and Pearl Plum Vodka. Cameras are not just allowed, but HIGHLY ENCOURAGED! Whether you are enjoying your favorite classic or adventuring with the obscure & exotic, the SiLO FREEZER will leave you all warm and fuzzy!

To schedule an appointment, please call 213-221-7956 or e-mail Richard at Please refer to contact page for more information.